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  • Monster Hunter: World launched Appreciation Festival
    Tempo: Jan. 29, 2019

    Monster Hunter: World Steam CD Key launched its Appreciation Festival last weekend. Players have the ability to replay once-limited time event missions for a limited time and receive a handful of colorful items for their armory. The most exciting feature is a new fight against a great Jagras that eats monsters. The fight is difficult and can lead to fantastic rewards.

    If you've been playing Monster Hunter: World Steam CD Key for a long time, you've probably attended one of its festivals. Whether at the Spring Blossom Festival or at the Summer Festival, Monster Hunter developers love big, eye-catching celebrations. The Fan Appreciation Festival follows a familiar pattern. It brought back the old mission list and added new battles. This is an opportunity to chase down any monster and buy older armor sets like the incredibly useful Devil May Cry Dante armor set or the old Universal Studios set in Japan. If these searches are a bit too familiar, you can try the new battle with a roly-poly giant jaguars.

    The Grand Jagras is the first big monster you hunt in Story mode. It is a type of flexible lizard that can inflate to a large size. This version is even bigger and when it eats another monster, it becomes a huge monster that spits bile.

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